Barefield ClayWorks studio & gallery
In Detroit's Historic Palmer Woods

Barefield ClayWorks is the Detroit-based art studio and gallery for mother-son team, artists Barbara and Spencer Barefield. They specialize in both handcrafted pottery created on the potter's wheel, and individually hand-built functional and decorative artwork, a line of Judaic pieces, as well as tile work and custom-designed ceramic art.

Graphic Design, Photography and Illustration services are also available through Barefield DesignWorks.

The new studio space was designed by Jason Fligger, Detroit, MI
(313) 409-7108,

The studio was built by Christopher Thomas Construction, Royal Oak, MI

Large painting, "Plankton Looking at Halley's Comet," by Stephen Goodfellow

Ceramic art by Barbara or Spencer Barefield.

Ceramic equipment purchased from Runyan Pottery Supply



(313) 891-2514


19550 Argyle Crescent
Detroit, Michigan 48203 USA


M-F 11 am–6 pm
Sat 1 pm–5 pm
Sun closed